Monday, October 22, 2007

This is the plane I flew up in...

And this is my husband looking healthy and happy...

This is the sunburn I got...

While looking at these cute ducklings!
Remember teachers asking for essays about "What I Did On My Holidays"? This is what I did on my holidays! Essays be blowed, pictures speak louder than words anyway. I'm going up there again in ten more sleeps! I have some time off work so I'm spending five whole nights up there!

It's so nice to know that I can see my husband again... I was so worried that I wouldn't see him until Christmas and then not again until March. But it will all be ok, and time will just fly past until it's all over!

I know all I'm blogging lately is about Aidan, and me being on my own here, and all that... but that's mostly what's going on in my head. "What do I do with myself now?" and "When will I see him again"? ... all that stuff. It's probably quite pathetic! But I wouldn't have it any other way, because that would mean I wouldn't be so very much in love with him. *gag* I know, I'm sorry to be soppy!

I'll try to think of another, more interesting, topic for tomorrow.


Keshi said...

very beautiful pics that speak alot :) Aidan looking pretty healthy too!

And u my dear got that sunburn!

March 08 is not that far away..hang in there sweetz.


Cazzie!!! said...

Ouchies!!! Solarcaine is the only other word that comes to mind!!
Great Aidan is healthy and it oughta be :)

Jewel said...

So glad to hear that Aidan is doing well and looks so well. But sorry to see your sunburn, Stace. I burn easily, too, so I am careful to use sunscreen. I don't mind hearing about you and Aidan and what you are going through with being apart so much. It is your life and reality for now and isn't that what we blog about? Don't worry about it,k? I love reading about you and Aidan! *smile* ((HUGS))

Menchie said...

So good to see Aidan happy and looking well. I would be going stir crazy too at the thought of not seeing the hubby all the time.

That sunburn looks painful. But yay! Just 10 sleeps!

homo escapeons said...

That is fantastic. I am so glad that you are going to be able to spend more time with Aidan. His hair colour is remarkably natural..what's up with that?

I love the voluptuous flag waving gal on the Air Sheila plane's nose cone... I'm sure that the Feminists must love it must have a few Feminists, I mean She-GAL-itarians, downunda?

Within Without said...

You have absolutely nothing to apologize for, fair maiden Stace.

He's a lovely man, you're a lovely woman, and -- hello! -- You're in love.

Enjoy, girl.