Saturday, October 27, 2007

What a loooovely day! I'm going to a wedding this afternoon and I think it's going to be outdoors, so they got lucky with the weather! The wedding is somewhere called Emu Bottom... it takes a certain kind of person to get married somewhere with a name like that! Then again, I got married in Fitzroy Gardens despite the negative connotations of the word Fitzroy! (I think you have to be from Melbourne to understand that one.)

I think I need to take my scooter out this morning. It's been a good three weeks since I've ridden her, and that can't be good for her or for me! I might ride into Black Rock for a cup of tea or something. Perhaps in a couple of weeks I'll ride her down to Aidan's parents' place again, that was a great ride. I love the feeling of liberation that comes with a good long ride on the open road. That's why I didn't keep riding to work - tried it once, and peak hour traffic just makes it a nightmare! It took over an hour, for what should be roughly a 25 minute drive. It was 25 minutes on the way home, because I don't leave with the peak. I love working part-time! Humph, that's something to enjoy while it lasts, I'll need a proper job before too long!

I can't believe how life goes by...! Aidan and I are moving, talking about investments, tossing up buying a house, talking about kids for goodness sake! Exciting stuff, if a little bit scary. Not to worry, it's all one big adventure!

I'd better go and have a shower and make myself presentable, at least a little bit. I'm so excited about this wedding today - I knew the guy before he met his almost-wife, and I saw the change in him she caused, and I've seen them grow together and all that stuff... wonderful! Off I go!


Ubiquitous said...

Does Fitzroy really have such negative connotations? Its pretty trendy these days, with Brunswick St etc.. I'd say Collingwood with Smith St is a bit dodgier really! I'd live in Fitzroy!

Frank Baron said...

I love weddings and it's been way too long since I've been to one. At my age, the funerals outnumber the weddings 15-1.

All that should change in the next few years though. Along with both sons, I have a passel of nieces and nephews approaching "that" age (20-30).

Stace said...

Dave, that's coz you're dodgy. Smith St borders Collingwood and Fitzroy, and it was Smith St I walked down every day for a year. Brunswick St's ok, but once you hit the sidestreets it's a hole.

Frankie, this one was a real corker. I just got home from it. A lovely do, bride and groom were beautiful and happy, and everything was just perfect. I hope you get to go to a few more soon :)

Ubiquitous said...

Yeah, but one man's dodgy is another man's bohemian.. :) And its pretty close to everything else. Expensive though.

Cazzie!!! said...

Hope you had fun a the wedding. HAve you been to Half Moon Bay fish and chippery before? Are they still there? I wonder...I loved their calamari and their service, always lovely.

Anonymous said...

Fitzroy, named after Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy, Governor of New South Wales (NSW) who ended transportation of convicts to NSW and founded Sydney University. Whats negative about that?

Anonymous said...

Or did you mean negative such as the Fitzroy Football Club (The Lions) who won eight premierships in the Australian Football League (Which is a lot more than other teams, but not Richmond) and in the 1990s MERGED with the Brisbane Bears to form the Brisbane Lions who won three premierships in a row - something that has only happened two or three times.

Within Without said...


Holy Kangaroo, this IS serious!!!

All the best, lovely girl.

lee said...

Got to get me one of those scooters! Sounds like you sure were having a lovely day .Reading this has lifted my spirits -your enthusiasm is contagious :).

Stace said...

Andrew - the Fitzroy that's full of drunks and aboriginals (and sometimes drunk aboriginals) having domestic disputes in the street :)

WW - not for a long time yet, don't worry.

Lee - glad I could help :)

Never-nobody-nothing said...

The Policroniadis gardens wish you to be a happy bride soon.