Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I feel like Annie. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'm flying to Canberra, tomorrow!!! So that means tonight I have to do dishes, wash clothes, buy some shorts for Aidan, remember to pack all the things he's asked me for, and double-check my flight and hotel bookings. I'm all excited! I have five days up there! At least two of them we'll be able to spend together! If I keep typing I'm going to be late for work!


Menchie said...

Oh! How fun for you! Starting tomorrow we'll be on a four day holiday too! and it's our 7th wedding anniversary on the 4th. *smile*

Have lots and lots of fun with Aidan in the next coming days. Please say hi to him for me. :D

Stace said...

Yay, Menchie! Congratulations on making it 7 years :) It'll be our first anniversary in a few weeks! Have a great holiday!

Hilary said...

Hope you have a great time, Fivey. No doubt you will. :)

Lletna said...

Hope your weekend was good and exactly what you needed! I know time with Aidan is always what you need!!

Will catch up with you in a couple of weeks - after your wedding anniversary!

Believe it or not you and Aidan changed prior to you guys knowing each other... (just going off your previous blog)

homo escapeons said...

Congrats Lovebirds.
Say HI and see you when you get back.