Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a girl!
Or a boy with a labia!

20 weeks from the outside

And 20 weeks from the inside!


Menchie said...

Congratulations Stace! And my gosh, we're having the same gender! Is it what you and Aidan wanted?

Stace said...

Aidan wanted a boy, but now he knows it's a girl he's thrilled anyway! You should see him, jumping around and giggling, he's so happy! We both are :)

Hilary said...

She looks just like you! ;) I never wanted to know my kidlets' gender - I kind of liked the mystery. But still it's so cool that you can get that clear peek inside. :)

Anonymous said...

HURRAH! Congratulations! :D


Now, names: clearly Steph will be your first choice, yes? :p

so exciting! xxxxx

Stace said...

Hilary - it's a surprise, just an earlier one than waiting for the birth! It just seems more practical to know in advance... so hard to find nice gender neutral clothing, for instance, it's all lemon yellow and lime green. Yurck!!

Fathorse - suuuuure we'll call it Steph... why not... lol

Andrew said...

I know that pink is not your favourite colour, how are these colours?

Derwent colours:
Geranium Lake
Light Sienna
Ash Rose
Madder Lake
Madder Carmine
Crimson Lake
Rose Madder Lake

Dulux Colours:
Melting Moment
Fairy Wand
Lylac Crystal
Scarlet Ribbons
Choral Singer
Grey Grape Pale
Eternal Jewel
Favorite Lady


Stace said...

Bah, away wi' ye and yer fancy names fer pink! :)

Jen Dickey said...

Yay! I'm happy for you and Aidan. How fun!! =)

Stace said...

Hi Jen, good to see you here :) Thanks very much, we're thrilled! :)

Jewel said...

Congratulations, Stace and Aidan!!!! So, for now, she is Beanette? *smile*

Cazzie!!! said...

haha! I am so stoked, yayyyy. I'm gunna be an auntie!

Stace said...

Thanks Jewel :) I still can't help calling her Bean, even though we know what her actual name will be!

Cazzie - good thing it's not a boy, you might have been an uncle!

Ponita said...

Congrats, Stace and Aiden! It's Beanette now... unless, of course, you come up with a proper girl's name before she makes her appearance.

You look fantastic!