Wednesday, February 25, 2009

People really annoy me.

So many people seem to think that the world owes them something, or that they should get something just because they want it.


You get what you work for, you receive in response to giving, you are owed what you lent.

A person in Australia has both privileges (sometimes confused with rights) and responsibilities. However, to my mind, you should forfeit your privileges when you shirk your responsibilities. For instance, if you do not drive your car in a responsible manner, your licence may be taken away from you. Driving is not your right; if it were you wouldn't need to pass a test in order to do so.

This rule of thumb extends to other, more abstract, concepts. Taking responsibility for your actions on the whole ensures the continuation of privileges such as respect as well as more tangible things.

But in our increasingly-Americanised society, accepting responsibility is a thing of the past. People blame the police for giving them a speeding fine (to stick with my cars/driving theme for now), yet never stop to think that they shouldn't have been speeding in the first place. In this time of passing-the-buck, why do we continue to allow privileges to those who do nothing to deserve them?

I'm going to switch now from driving to social welfare. In Australia, you can get payments from the government for a variety of reasons: being unemployed, being disabled, being a single parent, and so on. Many of these people, no doubt, are doing the best they can and maybe even looking for work to pay their own way. But a huge marjority, from my own observation, are just sitting back and letting the taxpayer support them via government pensions. Never do these people grasp control and responsibility for their own lives; they are content to leech off the system and do nothing to deserve the assistance they get. Whilst I fully support the concept of helping those in need, I object to helping those who haven't tried to help themselves.

Here's a nice little example, which doesn't reflect any particular individual but is a very common scenario:
Bob is a herion addict who lives in government housing. Bob has no job, and is a petty criminal to fund his drug addiction He thinks stealing is ok, because he's strung out for the next hit, man. His girlfriend Sue is an alcoholic who works a couple of hours a week as a check-out chick. Their small child lives with them in the home they are both too apathetic towards to clean. They're rarely sober or coherent enough to adequately care for the child, or even for themselves. Neither of them completed highschool, and neither have ever held a job for more than two months before getting fired. They've both been living off government benefits and paying just $50 a week in rent for an extended period of time.

These people have been given money and a home - they shoot up or get drunk with the cash and they shit on the home. (Literally: I've heard many stories of faeces trodden into carpet and used needles lying around.) There are rehabilitation programs and centres available (also provided by the government), but Bob and Sue have not bothered to take advantage of them. There are government-run employment agencies geared towards helping the disadvantaged. Our government will even pay for you to study at university if you want to, and you don't need to start paying them back until you're earning over $40,000. Every imaginable service is provided for them, and yet they continue to be a drain on society rather than contributing to it.

I begin to have trouble seeing why our government, or anybody, should continue to assist Bob and Sue and others like them. They have forfeited their responsibilities to themselves and to their community; why do we continue to grant them privileges and rights?

In my own country, when I have one, a person will have to satisfy strict criteria to qualify for any form of government assistance, and that will be limited. If you won't contribute to society and act as though you're part of it, you're on your own.


Andrew said...

Well written, I agree. Does your micronation need educators? or administrative people? I can do both or either.

Ponita said...

You are so right, Stace. Same thing happens here in Canada.

Can I emigrate and be your Minister of Health?

Ubiquitous said...

True.. but let he who is without sin cast the first stone. You give some fairly extreme examples, and yes, there are a lot of people like that or worse, but I do recall a time when a certain somebody was receiving benefits while not really fully deserving them. That was, of course, a long time ago. :)

Donn Coppens said...

As you are well aware I am proposing that all humans be sterilized for the next 100 years...after Bean is born of course.

Unfortunately one third of the general population is unfit to own a Dog nevermind a Child.

I realise that addiction issues need to be re-addressed. They should be dealt with as a medical issue because incarceration doesn't work and if the government controlled the other drugs like they did alcohol, the criminal element would be out of work..they should include prostitution while they're at it.

Now that we live in a totally artificial environment and the Darwinian Laws are basically null and void, it is time to either reintroduce them or sterilize people. They can have the antidote upon completing a degree or trade and have successfully completed a course on Common Sense.

My greatest fear is that Mother Nature may throw up her hands and just get rid of all of us before we ever get around to fixing the situation. Maybe that is just as well.

Stace said...

Andrew - yes please! Both :)

Ponita - yes please!

Dave - lets allow for a little growing up; it has after all been a good five or six years since you've known me in any real or meaningful way. I acknowledge past "sins" and move on the better for it. My blog post refers, quite obviously I think, to those who do not or will not.

Donn - You will also be welcome in my country; you can perform the sterilisations if you want!

Frank Baron said...

I'd like to see able-bodied, able-minded folks who are on the dole, do volunteer work if they can't find paying jobs. I think it's important that they contribute to society in some meaningful way. It would very likely improve their own sense of worth as well.

And yeah, addiction is a whole 'nother kettle of medical fish.