Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Elspeth is two weeks old today! Where has the time gone? Seems to fly by so quickly - next thing you know it'll be a month, and then three and six months, and a year! I'm feeling a lot better about things, and I've figured out a trick or two to help Elspeth... like putting one of my t-shirts under her so she can smell me, that seems to help her settle down a bit! I'm also feeling a bit better about my occasional use of formula to feed her; it helps that Aidan has read a little bit about it and realised the pressure on women to breastfeed is just insane, he's eased up a bit and understands that sometimes I just need a break! He was very much in favour of keeping everything natural - no formula, no pacifier... but honestly, once you live with a baby (and I'm with this baby nearly 24/7, unlike Aidan who still gets to go to work and sleep uninterrupted occasionally), you figure out that sometimes these artificial aids are a godsend.

Oh, the last little stump of her umbilical cord came off last night! I realise that may sound quite gross, but it is nice not to have to worry about it anymore.

In other news... I really don't have any other news. I'm very baby-centric right now, I'm sorry. I was so sure when I was pregnant that, after the birth, I would still be me - Stace, Aidan's wife, your friend, and not just Elspeth's mum. But here I am, pretty much being nothing but a mum. Still trying to get some study done, but concentration is lacking... yawn...


Jewel said...

I'm so glad to hear that all is going better with little Elspeth and you, Stace! Yes, I'm not big on pacifiers but little ones do need them for awhile BUT I am a stickler for not giving it to Jaylon unless he cries for it and I don't let him sleep with it in his mouth. You'll do fine as a mommy but it is quite an adjustment.
I know my day-to-day life has changed since I began taking care of little Jaylon, our grandbaby for 12 hours a day. I love him to bits, but it makes for a full day and bedtime really comes early for me nowadays! *smile*

Donn said...

It is amazing how many people are "experts" on the subject of child rearing..
especially infant care :)

Here is the secret, whatever works for the two of you..sorry Aidan but Elspeth has been connected to Mummy for quite a while..she recognised your voice long ago but Mum will be ground zero for a little while. In a few short years she will switch to Daddy's Girl and Mom will be a competitor..just sayin' is all.

The benefits of breastfeeding are obvious but those little babies are miraculously adaptive and millions survive on formula ((shocking))..
how else would we have made it? Not only that look at how long our infancy lasts..years..decades! Not to worry you'll be right pleased when Daddy says that he is taking her out for a stroll..
YES YES YES!! warm bath, quiet time, nap!
You'll earn some Me-Time but it's the best "job" in the world.

You can be Elspeth's Mum for as long as you like and Time will pass quickly so don't wish it away.
I am so thrilled for all of you and I know that Chris would be ridiculously thrilled and fawning over your 'lil girl.

Cazzie!!! said...

You know, I had a book and I gave it away and it was named "Breast Feeding Naturally". And the opening paragraph basicaly said it does not come is learned and if you fed the baby for even just a few days then at least she got the goodness of the moo and well, good on you Stace :)
Two weeks have flown by...unreal! I am so excited still, and also, I look forward to all the things you will write.
Being a parent is not easy, it is probably easier when the baby is still inside you in fact! But oh boy, the fun as they develop..and you also grow with them :)
We all learn something new every single day..if it is not about the baby it is about ourselves as a parent, as an adult too :)

elizabeth said...

You'll never be "just" a mom!

1. Re: tshirt - whish I'd thought of this. You're freakin brilliant.

2. Thanks goodness for the cord being gone since now or very soon it will have become one of the most kissable spots - as opposed to one of the least. It's ick. I think I saved my sons somewhere - which is even more ick.

elizabeth said...

Oh yeah - and regarding the breast feeding bit... my son only received 2 months of the stuff and he never learned to latch properly and was the hungriest child on planet earth. I switched him over to formula with much guilt and tears. He ended up perfectly fine. I breastfed my daughter for 16 months... but tried to wean her at 9, though she'd have none of it.

Goes to show - either way both my babies ended up thriving. There is way to much pressure on women these days to do it. I say - educate yourself and make your choice and at that moment whatever you decide - be it both or one or the other - go with it guilt free and enjoy every minute you aren't too sleep deprived to! ;-)