Friday, July 03, 2009

There are 21 emails which Hotmail has identified as crap and moved automatically into my junk email folder.

- 5 of them offer to enlarge my penis (didn't know I had one...)
- 6 of them offer me money, discounts, or free things that I haven't signed up for
- 4 of them want to help me lose weight (while pregnant?! great idea...)
- 1 is a phishing email supposedly from Hotmail themselves (because they don't know my password)
- 2 of them offer true love (thought I already had that...)
- 2 of them offer me great travel deals with limited eligibility (I think you have to live in the USA!)
- 1 says something about a king whose daughters were all beautiful (lucky guy)

Who the heck falls for all this junk? I read somewhere recently that, as consumers have started to wise up to email scams, text messages to your phone is the new big thing. I have two main issues with this.
Firstly - what do they mean, started to wise up? Surely the human race isn't so stupid that we've only just started to catch on to something that's been happening for at least fifteen years... oh, what am I saying? Right, ok, moving on.
Secondly - the text message scams are exactly the same as the email ones! Just using a different medium! Why on earth would any of these apparently newly-wise consumers fall for the same thing sent a different way? Oh... yeah, ok.

We're really not the brightest, us humans, are we? Perhaps the eternal optimism gene needs to be switched off so that we realise that not everybody has our best interests at heart. There really are people out there who just want to take us for a ride, steal our money, trick us, lie to us, hurt us, inconvenience us, and annoy us. There are people out there who are not nice people. They've always been there, but the internet has brought them closer.

Watch it out there, folks. It's a big bad world, and it's getting smaller!


Cazzie!!! said...

It sure is getting smaller... not just via the interweb or sms crappola... but when I say I know someone from some far-out-and-away-place... the person I am chatting with says.."No way, I know them!"
Spooky Mulder again!
Good post btw. I just got a spam email about some little girl who'd been kidnapped..traced it happened like 3 years ago or something in some other country..delete!

Russell Wong said...

I really got to start learning how to use colors like you do.

Funnily enough, the only SMS spam I get is from my service provider itself. Which is rather screwed up.

Stace said...

Cazzie - it's amazing the things people will just forward on without thinking or checking anything! I get all sorts of things about child molesters or organised crime, which turn out to be a) fake and/or b) American. hehe

Russell - colours are preeettyyyy :)

Althea said...

I keep having dreams about you and your kids...they're all very lovely, but I'm also wondering why you're occupying my dreamspace like that :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Wonder if Elspeth will arrive on my little sister's birthday 7th July? :)

Stace said...

Kids, Althea?! I'm only having one so far, unless you count my husband... lol :)

Cazzie - The sooner the better! How long do they let you go overdue before inducing? Hope it doesn't come to that... :P

Cazzie!!! said...

My Sarah was due June 14th and I had her on the 21st of June... I cried when I got to my 41 week appt, LOL. She was not overcooked, just comfortable in there in the warm. If the mum's Blood Pressure rises then they would indice you, otherwise, with everything looking wonderful as it is, they will let the baby come when it is ready...which is when the cervix ripens..or softens...then you will know.
Everything has been wonderful so far Stace, I am sure Elspeth just wants to stay for a bit longer so her lovely little finger nails and toe nails are nice and shiny and her eyelashes grow extra long too :) Not to mention, her lungs will be in tip top condition :)

Cazzie!!! said...

indice= induce ..oops.
I am on night shift tonight so I will keep checking in to see what is what :)