Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well, false alarm this afternoon - I thought my waters had broken, but according to the doctor that hasn't happened. Possibly just an uncontrollable gush of urine, which sounds quite gross but is apparently normal. But later, after we got home from hospital, I'm 99% sure the "mucus plug" I keep hearing about came out, so that means things should be moving along pretty soon... Fingers are crossed...


Cazzie!!! said...

Gah! I am at work and I cannot get onto Facebook, lol... ahhhh.. I will check in this a.m.

Andrew said...
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Frank Baron said...

Fingers crossed here too. This is exciting! :)

Donn said...

Very cool...any minute now :)
Make plans to do something like go to a movie so that you can have them interrupted :)

Andrew said...

Good News:

Welcome to Elspeth Abigail Irving

Born 7.37am on Wednesday 15th July
(Australian Eastern Standard Time)

3.475kg, 47.9cm long.

Welcome to Earth and Australia.


Donn said...

You are such a lucky little girl Elspeth Abigail Irving..
you are gonna love your 'Rents because they are awesome!