Thursday, January 23, 2003

God help me!!! I'm going completely and utterly insane. See that webring thing down the bottom? No? Scroll down (but don't forget to come back up again!)... it is not supposed to be there!!! It's supposed to be to the side, under the main picture. I hate tables, I couldn't get it to stay there. So it's stuck all the way down the bottom where nobody will ever find it. Ah well, it could be worse. IT MIGHT HAVE DISAPPEARED!!!

And that is not the only reason I'm going insane. I'm actually quite nervous about starting this job. I don't know if I mentioned, I'm 19 years old and the only work I've ever had before is waitressing. So starting a job in a law firm of all things is quite terrifying. It also looks like being a very emotionally draining job. Constantly dealing with women who need lawyers. In other words, women who get beaten, or who's husbands cheat on them... women with special needs, and women in very stressful situations. That stress is so easy to pick up on if you get too close, too personally involved. But it'll be hard not to. No doubt this blog will soon be weighed down with sob stories and me stressing out. If I start mentioning chocolate too often, give me a slap around the ear by way of the forum!

Speaking of the forum, I just checked it (ok, so I forgot the URL and had to go there by way of IE favourites to find it and link it here), anyway, the point being, my uncle has put a post there! I think he'd like me to give his page a plug. I think it's pretty much a site about and for the family, but its not like it's private stuff. It's kept up-to-date (or something similar) by he and his new wife Kati. (Incidentally, they're expecting a baby!!!)

Anyway... wow, that was long. Enough!

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