Thursday, January 30, 2003

It's amazing how tired you can get when you're actually doing stuff all day. I feel like just collapsing on the bed and sleeping... but I will be strong! If I sleep now, I may not sleep later, and that means I may wake up tired tomorrow and have to go to work feeling like death.

I find it hard to believe that this is what life is all about. Work till you're too old, bludge till you die. Up early, rush for the train, work, come home and collapse... day in, day out. There must be more to life. What is the purpose of human life if this is what we do? As humans, we believe we're so smart... but I reckon any animal has a better life than a human, even though they don't know it. If we're so smart, how come we can't figure out a better lifestyle? How come we can't truly fend for ourselves, alone we would flounder while together we strive? Even a mouse finds it's own food, and doesn't rely on other mice to pay it, or work the cash registers at the mouse-supermarket. Why is it that humans alone feel the need to work for others to survive?

The sky looks funny right now. There's blue to the east, but the thick dark clouds are rapidly advancing. It looks rather menacing, actually. Like some kind of science fiction movie or something. I guess because there's such a sharp contrast between the blue and the grey. Usually there's some in-between, instead of that thick frontier.

My friend David (as opposed to my boyfriend Dave) enrolled in Swinburne Uni today, that's right across the road from my place. I would say that's pretty cool because maybe I could see him more often, but I'll probably be working when he's around here. Unless he has classes finishing around six!

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