Saturday, September 06, 2003

At work I am, again. Wayne (to whom I report) isn't in on Saturdays, and neither is half the darned floor, so it's quiet, casual, and we get away with doing bugger all. I like it! I was almost going to call in sick today - I felt really nauseous in the early hours of this morning, and sometimes I'd be staring around the room and it would look like a photo taken at ISO 1600 - that is to say, it looked like a photo full of noise. But I clearly remember thinking "ISO 1600" somewhere in the delirium. I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep from about 2am onwards, but when I did end up getting up at 8.50am, my stomach was ok (not great, but ok) and my vision normal (well, short-sighted, but that's normal for me). Anyway, here I am at work, earning $ so that I can pay other people more $... money makes the world go round. But more importantly, money puts food in my mouth and ADSL on my computer!

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