Saturday, September 27, 2003

I'm sitting at Gill's desk now. Although his name isn't spelt like that. Guillermo. He's not here today, so I moved to his desk to be sociable, instead of being stuck over the other side by myself. Now I'm at the desk next to the stereo! I'm listening to that instead of listening to this tedious 360-second recording. That's 6 minutes. To do a 2 minute recording. Woohoo!
It's looking nice outside now. When I walked to Mitcham station this morning it rained on me, and now I'm inside and safe and warm, it's stopped raining. Typical.
I'm just going to leave this post-editing window open and add stuff whenever I think of stuff. Do you like stuff? Stuff is good. This is going to be a rambling nonsensical post. I like it!
We've just been grossing out the local New Zealander, Mary, with tales of poisonous Australian snakes and spiders, and my brother's brutal method of killing rabbits. New Zealanders are funny. They come from a country where there's nothing overly dangerous or poisonous, and are surprised by the existance of red-bellied black snakes, and spiders that can kill!
I'm just back from my first 15 minute break. Early. Breaks are so dull when you're alone!
I forgot to bring my mobile phone to work today. I feel lost and vulnerable without it, isn't that pathetic? How reliant I am on the little thing. Perhaps I should leave it home more often and learn not to depend on it! It's not like I even use it all that often, it's just that I'm used to having it there all the time in case I do need it, or in case somebody tries to contact me.
Should I re-design this page? Again? It is a little plain. But to brighten it up you really need pictures, and I prefer not to use pictures at all or to keep them to a minimum, out of respect for dial-up users. I'll think about it...

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