Thursday, September 25, 2003

I went to Cossack's last night. I had a legitamate reason for going there, I was going to do something productive, but then we got drunk.

We were sitting there watching Black Books on DVD and he suddenly goes, "Want alcohol?" so we spent an hour walking to some obscure bottleshop and back and then had less than 2 hours and drank more than three quarters of 700ml of Vodka. 40% alcohol.

Felt a little seedy this morning. But had a toasted egg bacon & cheese sanger from Chaf's Cafe and now feel Almost Human.

I am getting a little bit worried about some of the moles on my right arm. They're itching and going kind of scabby. Perhaps I should see a doctor, are docs open on Sundays? I'm working this Saturday... possibly next Saturday. Darn doctors, I see them too much as it is getting a prescription for the pill every year!

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