Saturday, September 27, 2003

When I was young I used to notice things about the world I lived in. Now what I mostly notice is that I don't notice stuff anymore. So this morning, I watched the rain. How the puddles never got a moment's peace from raindrops and ripples, how the heavier drops from the corrogated iron above fell straight down while the lighter raindrops were blown to sharp angles. It made interesting patterns.

The train was full of rowdy Collingwood supporters today. (If you're not a Melbourne resident or a Brisbane Lions supporter, you may be unaware that today is AFL Grand Final day. This has no effect on me whatsoever as the Bombers aren't playing.)

There are a total of 4 people here at work today. Chris, Karina, Mary, and myself.

I need to notice more things. As I grow older my mind is getting more and more closed, my views more and more fixed, and my apathy more and more pronounced. I need to be a child again.

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