Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Dear Ziggy

I don't like you anymore. You used to give me cheap line rental and local calls, but now you're charging me $109.75 for a phone number I never had at an address I never lived. You're also making it very difficult to dispute these charges. You want three forms of written proof that I didn't live there, Ziggy, just so you can keep your beaurocracy ticking over and keep your overpaid money guzzling Credit Management department busy.

Have you heard of "word of mouth", Ziggy? I'm going to use it! I'm putting this rip-off story on the internet, that tool that you so kindly provide for a fortune a month so that the masses (the rich ones anyway) can put their sob stories there.

Have a nice day, Ziggy. Rip someone off from me.


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