Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Phew!!! Sorry, dear reader(s), for leaving this so long un-updated! The electricity only got connected here in Hawthorn today so I've only just set up the computer and internet. (I've lived here since Saturday... with no power.)

Yes, I'm living in Hawthorn again! Same old appartment block, same old area. Great stuff! Cossack, of course, is living upstairs in my old appartment, so I'll never be lonely again! We go jogging most mornings (when I say "we" and "most", I go jogging every morning and most of the time he comes with me) and I go to his place when I get home from work. Until now I've been showering at his place too due to having no hot water here!

I love this area. Where I live is great. Coles is a couple of hundred meters away, Glenferrie station is not much further, and of course the entire Hawthorn/Glenferrie Rd shopping area is practically on my doorstep. Again. Is good.

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