Monday, October 06, 2003

I stayed with Andrew and Chantell last night, and will be staying with them for the rest of this week. I went to Bennison MacKinnon Real Estate this afternoon (whilst piking off from work) and applied for an apartment in the old block in Hawthorn. Apparently I should hear if I've got it or not within two days. I hope I do - no offence to the guys, but I don't want to stay with Andrew and Chantell forever!

I've just put some washing in the dryer. When that's done, I'll pack a bag and lug it into the city to pick up the key from Andrew, then lug it out to Preston to let myself in with said key. It's hard deciding what to take - I'm working under the assumption that I'll only be there for the week and will need pretty much only work clothes. And shoes. Pyjamas. Bathroom stuff. Jumpers and jackets. Books? No, too much weight to lug. Mobile phone charger. My DVD's.

I'm going to be pretty much without a computer and the internet for a week, except for at work. It scares me that this fact worries me. Perhaps it will be the start of a whole new lifestyle for me. That'll be nice.

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