Friday, July 09, 2004

I'm so bored. I sometimes wonder why I get bored. I live in Melbourne, for fucks sake. I could get off my arse and go anywhere or do anything at just about any time. But it's so cold out there, and I'm in here with the heater and the internet with all its joys... and my Billy Joel CDs. Billy Joel has such wonderful memories for me. He was always the Holiday Music on the family trips, the "Best Of" tapes were compulsary listening all the way up the coast to Byron Bay. I loved it. Even when Dave and I went on our trip a couple of years back, we listened to Billy Joel CDs. In my mind, Billy Joel will forever be associated with holidays, especially childhood holidays. I've just sent an email to my parents asking them to post my the diaries I used to keep of those trips. I hope they've still got them.

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