Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I'm so exhausted. I don't even know why... I think I slept enough last night, despite going out with Wayne, and work wasn't that strenuous. I guess it's just one of those evenings. Flake-out nights. Howard intrigued me today, apparently there's something he wants to ask me but he refuses to ask me at work. It's not like him to hold back! Oh well. Today was one of those days at work when everybody's just "over it" - discussing quitting, finding other jobs, or turning to crime. Bitching, moaning, whinging, complaining... even more so than usual. Poor Tash is looking really stressed out lately, she's been at Post since last August and I think she needs a break. I think I should move to Norway, they get people having sex on stage, how cool. Then again, they're obviously not big fans of tourists. I am thinking of moving to Brisbane or something. I keep thinking I want to get away, relax, live a stress-free life. But wherever I am, it's not going to happen. Nothing stops bills!

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