Monday, July 26, 2004

What a great party last night. 7 bottles of red wine, 1 bottle of vodka, 5 people drinking it all. Aidan reckons he and I each had about 2 bottles of wine. I doubt I've ever drank so much, I've certainly never taken so long to recover... I'm still feeling seedy. The night was spoiled a little by Chantell's discovery that I've been chatting to her brother behind her back for a month or so, but she got over it. So anyway... Andrew, Chantell and Glenn left at about 8am for some reason, god knows how they were able to wake up that early. Emily left at about 12.30 to head for the footy (Geelong won, she was happy with that), and Aidan stuck around for another couple of hours I guess. Later on Steve (Chantell's brother) dropped round and threw water all over me and my bed. Admittedly I did it to him first. Oh well.

I was listening to Feel Flows by the Beach Boys today, those lyrics are so very drug-induced. I can make no sense of it at all.

The problem with daytime napping is that when a vaguely usual time for sleeping arrives, you're not tired anymore...

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