Monday, September 06, 2004

I had too much chocolate. Now, although I'm tired, I'm hyped up. And I need to be asleep an hour ago. I'm trying to listen to soothing music in the hope that it will help me relax, but so far it's not working!!! I can't even concentrate enough to put together a factsheet on John Wayne Gacy, the "Clown Killer". I'd call Aidan, except for two things: (1) I don't make phone calls, to anybody, ever, except my parents, and (2) he'd be asleep. I'll just have to make do with chatting to Alex online. Alex funny.

Quoteable Quote of the Day
Trebek says:
thought u were dead or something
Red tape is fun says:
i was at cossack's
Trebek says:
so it was WORSE

Alex funny. Stace hyperactive. Cossack watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Aidan sleeping. Your wife not nurse. She nurse, your wife patient. Be patient, she nurse your wife!!! Oops, accidental Monty Python reference. Possibly I am going slightly insane. All I can say is, it's about time! That reminds me, Aidan's been going on about Dennis Moore. I found it! Not that it was hard to find. It just kept slipping my mind, to find it. Although that's not complete. Oh well.

Enough rambling!!!

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