Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas. It is an irritating, expensive, overrated time of year. But I had a fairly good one this year! First, the long drive to my parents' place on Christmas Eve, giving Kim a lift up as well. Then the even longer drive to Aidan's parents' place on Christmas night. And stuff. It's been enjoyable, but I feel like I've moved into the car. Now I'm not in it, I feel lost and alone!

Gifts received:
The Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" DVD
"Good Morning Vietnam" DVD
"Moving Pictures" by Terry Pratchett
"The Turning" by Tim Winton
Chocolates x2
Teddy bear
Blue glass vase
Book voucher
Sanity voucher
Asian-style bowl & chopsticks
Funny little cat statue with dangly legs

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