Friday, December 17, 2004

There's something about childhood. The way it never really leaves you, and things remind you of it unexpectedly. Sounds, sights, or even just nothing in particular. I've always had a thing about being able to hear somebody talking in the next room... that muffled sound, so you know somebody's there but you don't actually know what they're saying. I find that so comforting, and I'm sure it harks back to childhood. Mum and dad are still out there talking, as usual, so everything's fine with the world. Right now, I can hear somebody sweeping something... it sounds just like mum sweeping the verandah back at Longwood East. It's a kind of familiarity, even though there's really no link or similarity outside my own mind.

Sometimes I wish I was a child again. How I long for the days when no problem was too great for mum to deal with, armed appropriately with a band-aid, broom, or mop. When you're a kid you assume that adults have it all together, there's nothing they can't handle. Then you grow up and you've still got problems only they're bigger and you've got to deal with them yourself.

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