Friday, December 10, 2004

Thank god it's the end of the week. Today was just bloody awful. All sorts of psychopaths and fuckwits (including a couple I thought I'd finished with) popped up. Allan called Frank with his incorrect deliveries today, that was an inspiring conversation to listen to. Allan got more and more irate and impatient as the call went on, the guy obviously wasn't listening or didn't want to hear. This is an idiot of a customer that was mine, but I referred it to Allan. I also had extensive contact with David today, him with his redirection problem. We'd made an error in our systems, we were redirecting from the wrong PO Box number. But I didn't know that, no, because the inbound operator didn't check when he first called in which they are supposed to do for all redirection enquiries. So I was telling him the redirection was working perfectly, we had no errors, and he was telling me that his PO Box still had twenty items of non-redirected mail in it and he hadn't received any at his new address. Eventually we figured it out, between him and me and Norm at the post office... but it was not a fun process! We had our monthly one-hour team meeting today too, which meant that we all had an hour less to get the same amount of work done. All in all, it was busy, hectic, frustrating, and highly unenjoyable. At one point Aidan sent me an email, which I didn't actually have time to read, and I replied with something awful in capital letters essentially telling him to leave me alone. Poor bloke! He thought I was mad at him.

Anyway, it's all over for another week. Christmas party tomorrow, should be fun. I invited Dom and Emma. Aidan and I are going goth, should be fun.

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