Friday, December 03, 2004

I'm sure my legs hate me. They have dreadful eczema all over them, and any effort at hair removal just aggravates it. So I end up with ugly hairy legs as well as them being all red and inflamed and itchy. I will never understand how Aidan can tolerate even seeing them, let alone touching them, without being disgusted. But he isn't! Anyway, I waxed them last night... so they're going to be very itchy and annoying today. Sigh.

Anyway, about that email below. I think she actually sent it to me yesterday, but I didn't receive it until just now - so I think I've missed it. I would have done it, too! Oh well.

I must remember to call my parents today and let them know what train I'll be on tomorrow. Yes, I'm going to their place for the weekend, for their housewarming party - although they've lived there for two years now.

Anywho, must dash, some of us have got work to do!

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