Sunday, December 12, 2004

What a nice weekend. Cossack's Christmas Party was on Saturday. The only mistake, I think, was starting it so early - started at 2pm. The idea was food, and THEN alcohol, but it didn't exactly work out that way. It all kind of happened at once. Anyway, it was Aidan's first time meeting most of that group of people, he seemed to fit in quite well. They're all freaks and outcasts in one way or another, just like us! Poor Kat didn't have such a good time though. It was brave of her to come, seeing as how she's not over the break-up and stuff. She spent some time at the end of the evening down here with just Aidan and I playing Trivial Pursuit, I think she enjoyed that.

Today was a lazy day. Lying around watching X-Files DVDs, snuggling, and so forth. Just Aidan and I, of course, I don't go around snuggling just anybody. It was really nice and restful, a good way to recover from the party.

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