Thursday, December 09, 2004

It's been a few days since I blogged and now I have to remember what happened when.

Monday night there was a fantastic storm all over Melbourne. Thunder, lightning, pouring rain, it was great. So Aidan and I took off shoes and socks and went outside. We ran through the rain and we kissed under the lightning. It was a sensational evening, and our clothes got washed for free!

Tuesday after work we went to see Bad Santa with Dom, Emma, and Jillian. It was ok I guess. Bits were funny, bits weren't, bits were predictable. Afterwards Aidan and I wandered around the city for a while... actually I can't remember what we did, but I'm fairly sure it was fun!

Wednesday we just stayed home.

Tonight Aidan's working, so I caught up with Andrew in the city. Dinner at the Pancake Parlour, wandered around for a bit, I bought some goth-ish gear to wear to the Christmas party this saturday. And now here I am.

Work this week has been dreadful. Everybody's been tired and irritable, I've had some really really annoying customers, and I've been tired. So while life in general is fantastic, work sucks. More than usual.

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