Monday, November 06, 2006

I returned late yesterday from a weekend with my parents. It was Euroa’s annual Wool Week festival, which used to be a highly relevant celebration of Euroa’s rich and sheep-based history. Now it’s a parade down the main street on Saturday, and the Bush Market on Sunday. A bit of fun, I suppose, but still just a fairly average small-town festival. Sunday was nice... sitting in fold-up chairs by the creek in the shade, with apple cider and sausages in bread... sailing dad’s remote control sailboat on the creek with Taffy (everyone’s family has a friend with an odd name)... listening to the pupils of my childhood singing teacher, who are all just as abysmal as the group in my day... and a tune-challenged C&W singer. So that was how I spent my weekend. I felt very country again, briefly, before being utterly relieved to get back to the city!


Aidan said...

tune challenged C&W singer.

i thought tune challenged was a pre requisite... if you play c&w backwards did you know your truck gets repaired and your dog comes back.

i missed you this weekend

Cazzie!!! said...

What a gorgeous way to spend the weekend. I love spending the weekend at my aunt's up Kyneton way. She got a farm and a damn with ducks on it. My kids get to run feral on her 25 acres and I feel sooo relaxed. I hate coming home to Werribee :(

Homo Escapeons said...

gosh you two are too cazzmanian.
Your wild and wooly adventures sound wonderful..I keep hearing the music from Chariot's of Fire...
"when I shear, I feel his pleasure."
It must have been delightfully casual and rustic...very relaxin'