Thursday, November 02, 2006

Le Plan

I’m itching. There’s no other way to describe the way I feel. I am stuck in a mundane job I dislike, I haven’t traveled since we got back in January, and I never have time to have a life. There are places I’ve never been, music I’ve never heard, subcultures I’ve never been immersed in, people I’ve never met. There are jobs I know I can do that I’ve never had the chance to, there’s a scooter out there with my name on it which I can’t yet afford to buy. Everything is stagnating until the mythical “after the wedding”, when we dream everything will be accomplished. But we thought the same of “when we get home” while we were overseas... and very little of it has eventuated. There is so much I want to experience! So little time!

Resolutions for After The Wedding:

- I will get my motorbike license

- I will be promoted OR in a new job by March – NOT a call centre

- I will go out to more gigs and other events

- I will save some dosh and travel some more!


Homo Escapeons said...

Go for it! You have to make it happen that is usually how it works.
Travel while you can, see the world, live in the moments, smell the flowers....I miss going to Mexico in the winter. It was always so amazing to hop on a plane and go from 30 below zero to 30 above in the same day. Now that the snow is here to stay for six months I can't help but daydream about warmer Melbourne where one of my best friends lives.
He recently got remarried and now has a new son. He left years ago and never returned from did another close friend..bastard left the day before my wedding and moved to Sydney in 1983! There now I am mad and I can forget about Mexico.

Stace said...

We'll get to Mexico one day... and Canada... and everywhere...

Bibi said...

I can relate! Sometimes you get caught up in everyday crud, but it's good to break out/cut loose. Do it!! ;-)