Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It strikes me that I am a rather lucky person. When I question what I have to be depressed about, the only thing that springs to mind is my awful job. I have a man who loves me very much, I have a lovely little apartment to live in with him, I make enough money to afford luxuries when I want them, my immediate family members are all doing ok, I have friends who care for me, I have my enthralled blogaudience, and I have most of my health!

The downers: I have a very boring (and relatively low-paying) job with very long hours, I do not have a dog or a cat (although the goldfish go some way to making up for that), I am susceptible to sinus problems, and I suffer from a dreadful case of wanderlust.

Whenever I start thinking like this, I start wanting to volunteer with somebody like Oxfam... seeing as how I have so much, it seems right to give at least a little time and effort towards those who don’t. Then my thoughts wander to orphanages in Kenya and other overseas volunteering opportunities... What an awesome experience that would be, beneficial to my own development as well as the lonely orphans or starving villages or untaught schoolkids... I wanna go now!!!

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