Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Working on a public holiday is always a little eerie. It’s like being at school on a Saturday. Nobody was on the train as I came in, and now that I’m here I wonder why I bothered... (money)... nothing’s really going on. A couple of calls, a few faxes, some emails left over from last night... There’s a bit of a festive air: everybody’s in casual clothes, there are lollies and chips on the table for us all, and they’ll be bringing in lunch for us from the pub later on. The only things missing are a barbeque and fireworks.

I can’t help but think of all the women in skimpy dresses and strappy shoes at the races today. They’ve all gone out and spent many many dollars on very little fabric; then Melbourne has shown a typical sense of occasion, and rained. Those women will be slowly turning blue, while I’m tucked up in my office. I am where I’d rather be.

I never quite “got” the hype over the Melbourne Cup. It’s a bunch of four-legged animals with men on their backs running very fast (the animals, not the men). For this event, which takes about five minutes, we get a public holiday.

I no complain, I get paid nicely for working!


Cazzie!!! said...

Yeah, I usualy work on cup day and cash in on about 700bux in total but..I am sick and have been for the past few days and am on antibiotics. So I got to spend the day at home with my four kids and we all bet a buck each way on two horses of our choice. As you saw, my Sarah got 1st place and my baby Mia actualy got 2nd place so that was great for them.
Bloody cold weather, I am glad to be home. As I am a nurse I usualy have to look after the "aftermath" of race goers from Flemington in the Emergency Department..so it IS much nicer here :)
Hope work treated you well today. HAve fun spending your pay :)

Stace said...

My pay is going towards the wedding and honeymoon, so I'm sure I'll have fun thanks!!!