Monday, December 17, 2007

I am listening to music from Les Miserables. It's been a good long while since I have done so, and I'd forgotten its effect on me. I have shivers running down my spine, and I dearly wish I had the vocal range to sing every part. I sometimes wonder if I could/should attempt to sing for a career, but I fear my talent falls far short of requirements. How I would love to, though! Imagine being poor wretched Eponine - loving so desperately one who never sees her until too late, finding understanding and compassion only in her dying moments. In truth I would love to have a man's voice. Not for me the wussy women roles, I would be Val Jean or Javert! Or in Jesus Christ Superstar, I would be Jesus! Not for the vanity of being the central role... but because these roles have the most powerful songs, the most beautiful music, and the most moving stories. Imagine singing "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" to a full house... poor poor Marius, bereft of his beloved friends, the only survivor of the ill-fated revolution. It is my strongest desire, to have a voice worthy of these songs... I say perhaps I just need more training and practice... but how and when and where, and how to afford training? How to afford to dedicate myself to music in this real world of bills and rent? It is a pipe dream. I know that. But such a very nice one...


Within Without said...

Stace! Take a lesson once a week, it's not that expensive!

Better yet, join a choir! You get to meet other people with a love of singing, and you can SING!

It's lovely to read your words here, the passion you have for singing and your desire to do more!

Go for it! Explore it! Singing is a lovely form of expression from within.

And you have plenty within.

Stace said...

I wish had talent equal to my passion! hehe I think I will join a choir or something when I get to Canberra - there's not much point now, with only a couple of months left here. But soon, yes. Thanks :)