Monday, December 03, 2007

I've just woken up and it is already not my day. The earache I had last night has not gone away, although it has abated slightly. And the ants have gotten into my cereal. What will I do for breakfast?! I wonder if I'll have time to grab something on the way to work. Maybe if I wasn't wasting time blogging, I'd have time for breakfast!


Within Without said...

Maybe you need to go back to sleep and wake up about 18 hours from now, when it will be morning here in Canada, and try again.

For one thing, it's about 800 degrees below Centigrade here and there are no ants to get in our cereal.

And if you were on North American Central Standard Time right now, it would be Sunday afternoon.

You could just leisurely lounge around.

Stace said...

I think you might be onto something, WW... if only I'd read your comment BEFORE I went to work. Oh, I rushed so much to get breakfast AND get to work on time, and then my train was delayed because of an ill passenger so I was late anyway! haha

Within Without said...

I think you have under-estimated the societal consequences of my idea, Lovely Stace.

I think you need to launch a petition for your new prime minister to consider.

Change the time. It wouldn't hurt Aussies to be on North American time, really.

Stace said...

I'll see what I can do. When did I become lovely? hehe