Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My bedroom smells like petrol. There is a reason for this, and it is embarrassing, but I'm going to blog it anyway.

I rode my scooter to work today. Upon arriving back at home this afternoon, I realised her tank was very nearly empty. So what with one thing and another, it was just easier to walk down to the petrol station with a jerry can, fill that up, then come home and fill the scooter up from the can. However this plan had two major flaws:

Flaw #1 - being still rather new to this "having a vehicle" thingie, I am not yet up to speed on exactly how to use a petrol pump. Fortunately the young chappie at the petrol station was very helpful in that respect, so not too much damage there. (But I will try to do it on my own next time!)
Flaw #2 - the spout of the jerry can didn't quite work properly. Uh-oh. I'm glad I got a little too much petrol, because if I'd gotten just as much as I needed it wouldn't have been enough!

So I got fuel on my shoes, which then soaked into my socks, and then I came inside and into the bedroom where I took off my shoes and socks... and now my bedroom smells like petrol.


Cazzie!!! said...

Oh no! Poor Stace :(

Keshi said...

not a bad idea...to hv a bedroom smelling of petrol. LOL Stace!


lee said...

So I guess,then, that this lighted/lit?(??) match that I'm throwing into your room right now will be quite unwelcome? ;).

lee said...


Within Without said...

Well, you see, this is why women need men. You'd better get Aidan back, and soon.

(**HA HA HA HA runs away at the speed of light and remembers Stace's comment, "BASTARD!")

Stace said...

Thanks Cazzie!

Keshi, you should try it!

Lee, noooo!!!!!!!!! Cruel cruel fate!!!!

WW - I can only reiterate that comment ;) haha

Within Without said...

And I can only reiterate this:


Jewel said...

Well, I've been there, done that, Stace. Practice makes perfect, so hopefully the next time, you won't have any accidents. You do need to learn to do these things whether Aidan is around or not. *smile* I was with my older sister when she pulled into a gas station and asked me to fill up her van and use her credit card to purchase it because she didn't know how and I gently scolded her and told her that she needed to know how to do these things for herself.