Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The speedometer on my scooter is broken. So I can't ride her until I get it fixed, but I can't get it fixed without riding her somewhere. It's a conundrum, and anyway I haven't got around to calling this guy I need to call about it yet.

In other, much more exciting news: I'm seeing Spamalot tomorrow night with Andrew! Yay! More on that afterwards.

Recent musings: Half the people I consider good friends are people I've never met. Most of them are probably reading this now. You oughta know who you are. I've never been too good at socialising, making small talk, all that guff. I'm getting a bit better, but sometimes I wonder if I want to. It stands to reason that the more people I know, the more disagreeable people I'll know. I don't feel that I'm really missing out on anything. I think that I've made up for quantity with quality. My friends are the best I could imagine having, even though there's not too many of them. I'm including both bloggers and normal people (?!) in this summation. I've been very lucky in coming to know some wonderful people. I think I can safely say that if you're reading this, you're likely to be one of them - unless, of course, you've just wandered in and I've never heard of you before! So if you're one of them, and you certainly should know if you are, thank you for being who you are.

I'm really tired and need to get to bed. I would have continued the above theme, but my mind just crashed- it was like an error message saying "No more thinking permitted until after sleep". Night night.


Menchie said...

I know what you mean about blogger friends. Kinda weird to call someone you've never met a friend. But it's also totally wrong not to! :D

Am up late and supposed to work but what do you know?? I'm surfing.

Anonymous said...

BLAST! Damn me for just wandering in. Sigh. Evidently i have no friends, for i am a wanderer. Wherever I lay my hat, so to speak.

This is all lies - i like to stay in one place. It's good to have friends :)

Stace said...

Menchie - work is so overrated ;) I'm at work now, but the boss isn't here... when the cat's away, etc ;)

Fathorse - as a "Pyschotic student incapable of keeping her thoughts in her head where they belong", keep dropping by and I'm sure you'll become one of the golden few before long! :)

Keshi said...

Scooterstace hurry up n fix it now! :)

**Half the people I consider good friends are people I've never met. Most of them are probably reading this now

awww...same here darl. Its amazing that some ppl here hv become such a big part of my daily life than my non-net friends. I learn so much from u guys and I hv this warm feeling whenever Im in Blogville.


K M F said...

nice post

Lletna said...

Meeting and being one of your normal(!?) friends, I can ensure that none of us are normal - that's why you love us!

It was a very sweet blog and it did make me smile a little!

You are beautiful individual, and the people you have in your life all matter no matter which world that they are in - Stace Blog or stace real.

Within Without said...

You could always walk your scooter to the repair shop, Stace...or, hell's bells, just ride the dang thing there.

No copper would ticket you if you said you were driving it to the shop to get it fixed.

It is strange, this cyber/blogger friend thing, but very unique and very true. Feelings, appreciation, warmth break out, even though we've never met.

You are one cool chick.