Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dear God,

Why did you invent alcohol? And young men? And if you had to invent them, couldn't you have kept them apart? Didn't you know you were inviting trouble by combining them, or letting them combine?

There is a group of young men in the hotel across the road from here. I think they are playing some kind of game, because periodically their voices are raised in unintelligible shouts. It does not sound violent or menacing; it has that quality of arrogance, of being obnoxious and over-confident and completely unconscious of irritation, that comes of too much testosterone and not enough maturity.

At any rate, it's very annoying. I've half a mind to step out into my yard and yell "SHUT UP!" for surely if I can hear them, they will hear me. But they (probably) aren't breaking any laws, and they're just silly enough not to care for my puny opinion.

So anyway, God, if you'd care to convert me, just be a good chap and strike 'em down, eh?



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Cazzie!!! said...

Friggin' annpoying eh!