Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well, it was a normal boring Sunday until somebody had the bright idea of a picnic lunch! The sun was shining intermittently, the wind was blowing like mad, and we set off with cheeses and crackers to Canberra's Carillon.

Ellie got into everything - she went for the brie, and then the blue, then the cheddar. Then the cheese knife. Then the kabana, and the salami. Finally she settled on a cheesy breadstick.

However, it wasn't long before the wind picked up even further, and dark clouds menaced. We packed up hurriedly to head home, and indeed we did get spat upon from above on our way home.

But we made it back alive and unscathed, with plenty of left-overs for dinner!

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Cazzie!!! said... pack a picnic of the likes of our picnics, lots of cheese and antipasto delight :)
Yayy for Ellie for eating all those things.
Funny you speak of spitting, when we were at Halls Gap last week, I could hear Nick saying to Sarah " Hey, stop spitting on me!" She was saying she hadn't, and then she said the same thing to him. Turns out, when I stepped out of the caravan, it was spitting from above. Sarah and Nick were playing Battleship outside on our camp table. It was a Sun shower... so funny!
Nice to see pics of your picnic, my Ellie is growing before our eyes.