Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ok... Chris-inspired, I'm going to attempt to write a sentence or two.

Ellie is standing up now, by pulling herself up on the side of the cot. She is also crawling really well.

Now, the last week or so I have actually done stuff, yay, so here it is...

On Friday 26th March, Aidan and Ellie and I drove all the way from Canberra to Rye (almost 800km, or about 470 miles) to go to a friend's wedding on Saturday. Dedication, huh? It was a really nice wedding on the beach, although Ellie grumped a little bit. She slept through the reception in the groom's mother's spare bedroom. Lots of fun was had by all, especially the best man who appeared to adopt some little kid who looked exactly like him.

On Sunday we started back for Canberra - except my parents convinced me to stay with them with Ellie while Aidan went on home. Aidan had to work, and my parents were going to Canberra later anyway, so he went on and us girls stayed in Euroa. It was really nice; my dad is a hugely doting grandparent, and mum little less so! So it was nice and peaceful and we all had lots of fun.

Then we all came up to Canberra because dad was sailing in a model boat regatta. Yay! So mum and dad stayed here for a couple of days for that, and then went home.

And now it's just me and Aidan and Ellie again. She has a slight cold and is a bit miserable. Aidan's been sick too, and I think I'm getting it now as well.


Jewel said...

Hi Stace! having a little one does tend to cut into computer time,hm? :-) I don't blog as much as I used to or even do the internet because Jaylon is here all day, Mon-Fri. and by the time he leaves I am too tired to do much of anything. I am sitting here almost falling asleep but wanted to catch up on reading blogs.
It was such a pleasant surprise to find a post from you and read that little Ellie is progressing so well...growing up so quickly! How old is she now???
Loved the picture of your dad, you and Ellie. (That is your dad isn't it?) :-)

Stace said...

Hi Jewel,
I do get on the computer a bit, but mostly on Facebook - it takes much smaller chunks of time and is easier to manage!!
Ellie is nearly nine months now, can you believe it?! It's gone so fast. She's spent most of this afternoon pulling standing while holding onto my chair, so she was totally exhausted by bedtime. :)
That is my dad, yes. He's a very doting grandfather - all of Ellie's grandparents love her to bits, which is wonderful! But how could you not? haha

Cazzie!!! said...

Yayy for Ellie standing up! I bet she has strong legs to boot.
We camped next to some friends we met a few Easters ago. The had a baby last September, Lucy. She is so gorgeous and entertained us with her little fake cough and her little squeels. By next Easter she will be running around with our kids...delightful!
Model boat regatta...have any pics of it for me to show my boys?

WithinWithout said...

Oh, Blame me! Ellie's beautiful!