Friday, April 16, 2010

No celebrity seems to ever actually do
anything wrong.

They're not immoral or criminal, oh no. They have an illness or an addiction. Since when does that make things okay?

Tiger Woods, hello? Sex addiction? Or just a sleazebag? Oh right, he has lots of money and publicists and a lot of people relying on his good reputation; of course it has to be a sex addiction. Ditto David Duchovny.

Amy Winehouse is always fun. She claims to be addicted to everything - sex, drugs, and alcohol! No, woman, you're addicted to publicity! For no matter what else she has - whether it be the addiction or the treatment, she gets attention!

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife says he's addicted to internet porn. Makes me wonder how he finds the time to learn his lines for Two and a Half Men. Maybe he just likes to whack off, and what guy doesn't?

Wynonna Judd is addicted to food!! I hope nobody tries to make her give that one up; she might get cured but only until she starves to death. It's not alright to simply be overweight, or to have no willpower, or even to have a genetic tendency to weight problems. Nope, if you're famous it has to be an addiction!

Perhaps we need to stop seeing addiction as an excuse, and start holding people responsible for their behaviour, how about that? WEIRD IDEA?!

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Cazzie!!! said...

Great idea, cans of harden up coming their way..I am handing them out free of charge tonight!!