Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today was Cheap Shopping day! ALDI and Big W, hooray! Did you know you can get 50 nappies for $16 from ALDI? That's awesome. And 80 baby wipes for under $3. Love love love.

Also bought some warm winter clothes for Ellie from Big W. She has hardly any warm clothes in the sizes she'll be needing over winter. So I bought lots of socks and a cute jacket for her. If anyone fancies giving her a present, warm size 1 clothing with minimal pink if you please!!


Menchie said...

soooo adorable Stace! She's grown so much!

Jewel said...

I love shopping at Aldi, though I don't get to go often as it is in the two towns to the north and south of us and I don't get out of our area very often! :-) but when I do I almost always make a stop at Aldi!
Ellie is growing so fast! She is beautiful, Stace!

Lletna said...

Now Stace - the creature that she is playing with is from In the Night Garden - you might have to see if you can find out more to support the books you hve.