Tuesday, October 24, 2006

S at work asked me an interesting question yesterday. Knowing that I have gothic tendencies, she asked me what kind of music a goth listens to. Good question. I don’t know if there is a “typical”, but if there is I’m not it. I listen to some dark music such as Nine Inch Nails, The Tea Party, and Marylin Manson. I also listen to standard rock such as Deep Purple, AC/DC, and Kiss (including rock ballads). I love a bit of punk, too: The Ramones, Bad Religion, and slightly newer stuff like Greenday and NOFX. Then again, I listen to a lot of jazz/blues/soul as well... Grace Knight, Renee Geyer, Van Morrison, Sam and Dave(!!!), and so forth.

I think of a piece of music like a body of water. My little analogy. Some music, such as pop, is like a little puddle... shallow, fun to have a bit of a splash around in, but you can’t really get into it properly. But the music I REALLY love is like the ocean... it has layers and waves, you can immerse yourself in it and be carried by its currents. I don’t know if that makes sense and I don’t know if that’s particularly gothic. But that’s me.


Aidan said...

love the analogy... Most pop singers i would like to drown in a puddle though.
Think i can safely take the credit for the darker side of your musical taste:)

Stace said...

Yup, that's your fault, thanks :) Can you think of any other bands I love? My mind is a blank, infiltrated by the music from the radio station they insist on playing here at work!

Aidan said...

Jeff Martin (solo), the whitlams, jason webley, nightwish, weird al, disturbed... meatloaf, bill thorpe, the eagles, vika and linda... thats all i can think of in ten seconds i am sure there are more..