Friday, October 20, 2006


My colleagues just found out I’m not having a “hens night”. I am now, thanks to them. Fortunately I’m leaving it in M’s hands, not K’s, so it will be a nice quiet night and nobody will embarrass themselves too much! K’s idea of a hens night is drinking till we all puke and going to a strip joint or three. Frankly I think that sort of thing is a bit juvenile. I might have been up for it three years ago, but these days I’m rather over all that stuff! I’m a bit of an old maid, at 23... My idea of a good night out is wandering around aimlessly quoting Monty Python!



Within Without said...

Oh Stace...c'mon, liven up girl! You only live once and all that! (*Laughs at the phrase, "Hen's Night.")

What would the male equivalent be called in Oz? Doozer for the Rooster? Cock a Doodle do?

And is Aidan having any of these so-called things in his honour before the big day?

Stace said...

Aidan is having a "bucks night", and I don't want to know what's going on there... I'm happy to believe it will be "dinner and a couple of drinks" as he says!

The major issue with me having a real hens night is that I don't really have any girlfriends to go out with! My three best female friends are
a) rather butch and not girly at all, and
b) living a very long way away from me.