Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We got pens. We got paper. We had each other. And so we commenced to write our vows. That was the theory, anyway. It didn’t exactly happen as planned. I never guessed how hard it could be! I love the man, I know that, what more is there to say without resorting to clichés and drivel? All the things I want to say are highly inappropriate, such as “I promise to snore and kick you in my sleep every night”, and “I will happily let you play computer games so long as I have a good supply of cryptic crosswords”. I couldn’t possibly promise to “love, honour, and obey”, because I’ll only break my promise about obeying. Where’s the in-between? Not too traditional, but not so personalised as to sound silly. We should have something ready by Thursday, when we are again seeing our celebrant to go through it all, but I don’t like our chances of having them done...

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Within Without said...

No, Stace, I like the vows about kicking him and all that!

Is it a religious service or a civil one? Do you have complete freedom to say what you really want or do you have to please others?

Like you said: "I love the man, I know it." What else would you say, in plain language, and what would he say to you?

I hope you're not too stressed by this and both you and Aidan can come up with something that makes you both feel real and that makes these words sing to each of you.