Saturday, April 14, 2007

For no particular reason, today seemed like a good day to post a lot of pictures I've taken with my phone. It's amazing how frequently I see photo-worthy things when I don't have a camera. Noddles, for instance...

Not to mention this wonderful piece of street art nearby where I work... I often spend an afternoon break standing across the road from it wondering who made it, and why... It inspires in me an indescribable sense of sadness, and I wonder if the artist was sad when he/she created it.

This is my dog. Well, she's my family's dog really. She lives with my parents, because they have space for her... not that she utilises much space. As you can see by all the grey, she's getting on a bit in years and isn't as active as once she was. But she's still my gorgeous puppy! Sook that she is. I didn't get a photo my my cat, unfortunately. She's old and sulky too!

This picture, sadly, displays the extent of the drought in country Victoria. That creek once lapped at the trunk of those trees, now you can walk across the creek bed in places without getting a toe damp.


Cazzie!!! said...

Great images, love the painted art, love your puppy, and sadly, yes, we have both seemed to show evidence of the drought in our currwnt posts.
Thanks for sharing :)

Aidan said...

MMMMM noddles

Within Without said...

Lovely dog, Stace...but what does sook mean?

And that painting does look rather sad, doesn't it?

Stace said...

Cazzie - thanks :)

WW - Sook: Australia and New Zealand. a timid, cowardly person, esp. a young person; crybaby. (

Homo Escapeons said...

WW should have figured out what a sook is when I made him watch the Chopper vids...sounds like a 'suck' which is our version..and he calls himself a journalist?

That bridge over the shrinking river pretty much says it all.
How is this drought affecting the wildlife?
Aren't most of the Salties in the North which still gets flooding so it's those cute fuzzy critters that hop around that are in trouble eh?..and those bloody rabbits.
What of the Platypus? Cane Toads?
Australia is world famous for it's unique fauna and we all love ' is soo coool!