Monday, April 16, 2007

I blog, therefore I am.

There are hundreds of people out there in cyberspace... well, maybe closer to 20... who have no way of knowing I'm alive other than reading my blog. You know nothing about me other than what I choose to write here. Be assured that all I write is the truth (but how do you know that's not a lie), but is it comprehensive? My blog content depends on the thoughts I have at the very moment I'm at a computer... but what about all the things I do and think when I'm elsewhere? Each and every blogger leads only a partial existance to his or her readers... When we don't blog, we float in limbo, and who knows what we do? Some of us gain a bit of an insight into each other's lives... the mateship between HE and WW, for instance... but Jewel, where have you been for the last few days? And Lee, you didn't blog for about a week! You just popped out of the space-time continuum for a while... spooky.

Does this strike anybody else as intriguing?


Aidan said...

perspective has come up alot today... You are who everyone percieves you to be at any given moment... it is impossible to consider a true self as each perspective is equally valid. Just the ammount of detail varies.

Kind of like the when a tree falls on a mime in the forrest, and no one is around does it make a sound??

"partial existance" i disagree it is a full existance, the character exists but may not be an overall picture... It is just the existance of a person a point in time.

Ok i have had my mutter... love you.. your more or less existant husband


Cazzie!!! said...

Tell ya what I do wen I am not blogging..I am a taxi
a nurse
a chemist
a referee
a chef
a cuddly hugger :)

Keshi said...

**I blog, therefore I am.

LOL cute.

oyeah i wonder abt my bloggerbuddies when they disappear for a while. Like when Lee wasnt ard. It's like Im always ard ha :)


Stace said...

Aidan - if a tree falls on a mime, I want to be there just to make sure it kills him!!

Hmmm, the Many Personalities Of Cazzie! Cool :)

Keshi - there's no avoiding you ;) hehe

Jewel said...

Where have I been, you ask? Well....the answer is kind of complex. But, I take it, that you want to hear it or you wouldn't have asked, right? *grin* Sometimes I sit down here, ready to post, but then kind of feel myself pull back into myself, not really wanting to put any of myself out there, for whatever reason. While, at other times, I am so open and just lay myself out there for everyone to "read". Go figure. all honest....*deep breath*....this is difficult to do sometimes: as in, be REEEAAALLLYYY honest (I may have to blog about THAT particular topic,hm?) Here it is: I read other people's blogs and I tend to compare mine to theirs and question myself as to why am I blogging in the first place/do people really want to read what I am saying (well, a few people do, hm? *little smile*), am I really funny, do I have anything worthwhile to say and, though, I was truly busy last week (cross my heart, hope to die and all that *smile*) sometimes I just feel myself kind of withdraw into myself, you know?
So here I sit, once again, feeling like, okay, I think I'll post today, while another part of me thinks I should just delete my blog because I really should be doing more important things.
But then, if I wasn't blogging, I wouldnt' have met some really wonderful people! Like you and Aidan and Barbara and Liz and Chantelle and Kim, Bro. Sis. Holley and now I am getting all teary-eyed becaused I realize how blessed I am to have met all of you! *little smile*
You asked, Stace!!! *teary soft laughter*
Sooooo, there you have it!
And, no, I'm not asking for anyone to "beg" me to keep blogging or so on. It is just sometimes an emotional thing, you know? (Help me, here, know how we can be and I'm POST-menopausal LOL)
Okay...I think I'm done. *feeble grin*
Now do you know where I've been and why I haven't posted?
((((HUGS to Stace))))

Stace said...

Jewel, you're a big sweet goose!!! Blogging is, of course, your own choice. But I know a lot of people would miss you and worry if you deleted your blog! I find it fascinating to read about the lives of other people, especially when they differ completely from my own. Just put it all out there, and people will read and enjoy! Even if they don't, who cares? It's fun! :)

Keshi said...

oh n I forgot to say. When I dun blog, I am:

a caring sis
a loving daughter
a sweet friend
a crazy chick
an IT Consultant (oyeah!)
a serious music-lover
a wandering dreamer
a brilliant cook
a neat house-keeper
a clean freak
a darling ;-)


Jewel said...

Yes, I can be a silly goose, Stace,hm? *smile* But I am back in the blogging groove. Soooo...brace yourself! LOL

Jewel said...

Oh and Cazzie and Keshi, I love your lists! We do fill many shoes, hm??? *smile*

lee said...

This concept is part of what makes blogging interesting -that each and everyone of us only presents a little part of our personality. Away from the computer I'm a complete bitch of a woman!haha.

Homo Escapeons said...

Blogito ergo sum..I blog therefore I am
or is it Cogito ergo blogito?

The whole thing is quite disturbing because you meet such interesting (charming) people out here that you become attached to without any of the usual formalities.

Like cyberpen-pals but in a much more creative environment. I think that the people who don't hide behind a nom de blog get a little closer because there is more trust.

I think it's weird that I get worried about not having visited a site for a few is weird .

Now they are discussing reinventing the Internet because..well it started out with likeminded buddies and they had no idea that so many assholes would be trying to peddle ads and porn and crap out here...they are thinking of starting a parrallel internet that acknowledges identities and sources but that horse left the barn and here we are...
what was I talking about?
when I am not blogging I am resting in my coffin and waiting for the sun to go down.

Menchie said...

It's really weird, if I haven't blogged in a while, I get worried and feel I am missing something.

Haven;t blogged as much myself in the past week for a number of reasons foremost of which is the fact that things have been hectic at work (even lunchtime) and I've been spending a lot of time with the kids when I am at home.

Within Without said...

Fascinating topic, Stace, and you're perfectly right.

What do the rest of us do, how do we live, when we're not blogging?

What AREN'T we blogging about?

I guess we project what we're thinking at that time, just as you said.

Of course we can't know about the rest...but there's enough here, especially for those of us who develop little blog pods or whatever you want to call them -- regular blog friends/visitors -- to get a good idea.

There's a certain beautiful truth about everyone I commiserate with, I know that. It's not the WHOLE truth of who they are, but it's better than nothing at all.

Great post idea!

Frank Baron said...


Frank Baron said...

Wait. Can I change my answer?

Yes. I meant yes. Absolutely.

Frank Baron said...

What was the question again?


Bibi said...

I've noticed that at some point, almost every blogger says 'adios for a week or two or three'. There must be a burn out factor ... and then they bounce back!

Steve said...

Blogging is a form of expression that one can pull out all the love pain and stuff.
An emotional out burst of stuff..

Don't it make you feel good?

Stace said...

Keshi - you're a lot of people!! Or a lot of things in one person, I'm impressed!

Menchie - it is somehow addictive :)

Lee - I don't believe you in the slightest!

HE - I've always found it easier to open up to people online... something to do with not being able to see their reaction, and knowing that it won't hurt so much if they walk away when I can't see it happening.

Frank - you're weird.

Bibi - sometimes you need a break from blogging, in the same way that you sometimes need a break from friends, seeing people, socialising.

Steve - yes, it does!