Monday, April 30, 2007

Sometimes I wonder if I might be slightly bipolar. I'm not even sure if it's possible to be "slightly" bipolar - is it something that has degrees? I am frequently hyperactive and over-happy, like this morning, but other times I am apathetic to everything and lethargic and blank-minded, like yesterday. It doesn't seem triggered by anything in particular, it just happens. Maybe that's normal and I just never knew. I've never been very normal, I'm not sure what it entails.
Apparently there are six identifiers of manic depression:
High energy levels - I get this often, although Aidan would disagree as it tends to happen at work rather than in the evenings when I'm tired.
Positive mood - almost always.
Irritability - yeah, sometimes, but doesn't everybody get irritable?
Inappropriate behaviour - well, it's tempting, but I usually manage to stop myself. Just.
Heightened creativity - I've often thought that I write better when depressed.
Mystical experiences - ummm no. I'm drawing a blank on that one. Unless you count feeling completely disconnected from the world, that gets a bit surreal.
Yesterday I felt like nothing mattered and I barely had energy to move. This morning I keep wanting to burst out laughing for no reason! Weird.
Is this normal?


Anonymous said...

Your not bipolar. There is only one of you and your Australian not Polish.

Normalcy is over rated.
Every one get irratable, as a matter of fact I'm irratable now.

There is a term for medical students who keep on imagining that they have the diseases that they are studying. Including that bloke who thought he was pregnant. I think there is also a scary trend in todays society where things are over-diagnosed, however if you do have something you need it to be diagnosed.

I dont think I'm getting anywhere, just rambling along.

Take care Stace. See a shrink if you want and make up weird things to say about the ink blot test. They are fun to talk to and have comfortable chairs... Or drop by and say hi, my door is always open, except when it is raining because I dont want my room to get flooded.

Always laugh...


Aidan said...

Not Bi Polar...

I dated someone who was Bi Polar... not even close, more an effect of cycling hormones and environment....

love you


Stace said...

So I'm normal??? That could be even worse! ;) hehe thanks guys :)

Keshi said...

OMG Stace ur scaring me cos this is me too!

** I've often thought that I write better when depressed

yes thats true with me too. I think when we r depressed we think alot.


Cazzie!!! said...

Yes, sounds normal to me. Perhaps you had a good sleep last night and a good dream that you cannot remember. Waking up, you feel great and energised. whereas other days you feel apathetic.
Nah, you aren't bipolar... I work with enough people who are so :)
I hope your day is just great Stace.

Steve said...

Sounds like a typical bloody woman to me.....!

But a beautiful one!

Stace said...

Steve, you flirt! ;)

Cazzie - you oughta know, thanks!

Keshi - what's this "thinking" thing you're on about? Never heard of it, I certainly never tried it!

Menchie said...

According to my sister (we had this conversation before) being bi-polar is really extreme.

I think what you're experiencing is just normal. :P

Homo Escapeons said...

The abscence of Mytical Experiences is the key. Once you believe that you are on a mission to conquer Europe, or win an Oscar, then you can start worrying.

Roald Amundson was the first person to reach both the North and South Poles.

Within Without said...


"Normal" is not a good word to use here.

I would say you're incredibly well-adjusted and intelligent and perceptive.

And if you go from high and low from time to time but are mostly happy, I would say welcome to the human race. It's exactly what we're supposed to be.

Angel Without Wings said...

Sounds like mood swings to me Stace. You're a woman so do what I always do and blame your hormones for any behaviour deemed unacceptable. Crikey, women have been let off murder raps because of the hormone

Jewel said...

Well, Stace, being the "older" woman that I am, I would say that you are fairly normal. You have been going through some changes of late jobwise and that can be very stressful, you know? Not knowing for sure how the new job is going to go and trying to get through the next few days at the old job. I think we sometimes underestimate the stress that employment concerns can bring upon us! Take care of yourself! ((HUGS))