Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well, I resigned. I've given them five weeks notice - enough time for them to hire a couple more people, and for one of the guys to get back from leave - thus not abruptly leaving them under-staffed. So, it's time to start looking for a new job, or at least considering where I want to go. Anybody out there want to hire me? I'm good, I promise!

As I see it, I have 2 main options.

1) I can find work in the office administration/secretarial/personal assistant area, and keep working full time for a good wage;
2) I can undergo a complete (but necessarily brief) lifestyle change: work part time, do courses in bartending/coffee making/body piercing/whatever else takes my fancy, before re-embarking on a career course or at least well-paying work. (That's the problem with getting old and having responsibilities - you need the dosh!)

Option 2 is appealing very strongly to me at this point... I've worked full-time for what seems like an awfully long time, and I could do with a change. But realistically, can we afford for me to work part-time, or not work?
Option 1 is probably where I'd want to be in the long term - ie, for buying a house and having children and all that stuff which is still a long way off.

So, as you can see, there's a lot to think about. I'm sure, one way or another, things will work out. I'm not too stressed or worried at this point. I'm just glad that I've finally bitten the bullet (ouch, more dentist work now required) and quit. It's the best thing for me, no matter what happens afterwards!


Aidan said...

Well we have already spoken about it at home, so i will keep it brief, i love you and will support anything you choose to do...

Things will work out.

Im proud of you

Keshi said...

Well atleast u made a decision and stuck to it Stace. U resigned. Now u can work on the next direction. Whatever it maybe just follow ur heart and I wish u all the best!


Menchie said...

Good for you Stace. If being there was making you unhappy then you made the right decision. You're young and have a lot of options. Like keshi, wishing you good luck in whatever you decide to do.

mjd said...

Either option sounds fine. Sometimes, life provides with us two fine options, which is good, you cannot go wrong by taking either path. You have been more than generous in giving a five weeks notice. Good luck, at finding a position, I do need a personal assistant, but the daily commute to Indiana from your country would be tedious. Besides, since I am a teacher, the pay would be low.

Stace said...

Keshi - thanks very much :) Whatever may be, may be!

Menchi - thank you also :) I pity my Old Boss, who is in a similar situation but has a wife and children and feels unable to just quit like this. Glad I'm still young!

MJD - Thanks for the job offer, I miiiight just take you up on that!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

The right choice will become evident to you sometime soon, when you least expect it. Good for you for making a choice not to put up with crap in your life :)

Jewel said...

Well, I am proud of you, Stace, for doing taking some action. And five weeks notice is indeed generous of you. You are young and have so many options. I look forward to hearing all about your promising future plans! *smile*

Within Without said...

Hey, Stace, admittedly I'm catching up late...

Are you soliciting well-meaning opinions?

What seems clear to me is you haven't liked the line of work you're in, or at least the place you've been working.

You're leaving that place, but will another place give you the happiness in that line of work?

I dunno. You said in an earlier post your pay wasn't very good, but you say in this one that you could find a similar job that does pay well. So I'm a bit confused by that...

But you say buying a house and having a family is a long way off.

And if I'm reading properly between the lines, you're ready and willing to make a lifestyle change...and you said it yourself, something that appeals to your fancy.

I'd say, and it seems Aidan is an ardent supporter of whatever you choose, that maybe now's the time to make the break and explore a little. You say yourself that appeals strong to you.

I'd say go for it, Stacey girl! But whatever you decide, I wish you and Aidan only happiness.

Stace said...

WW - Many things have been said and thought amongst the frustration of simply surviving each working day! In all honesty, I'm hanging out for that lifestyle change. The type of work I'm looking for so far is mainly part-time office admin/reception sort of stuff - leaving me free time to do those little courses, do casual work in a cafe, or whatever else takes my fancy. Plus housework.