Friday, April 20, 2007

There is one thing I will miss when I leave my job... and that is Toasted Sandwich Friday. Yes, every Friday morning we send one of the girls to a cafe round the corner, and we all get toasted sandwiches. For a long time I had turkey, cheese, and cranberry sauce. Today it's ham, cheese, and tomato. A lot of people here get bacon, egg, cheese, and barbeque sauce - I've had that one before, it's soooooo good but soooooo fatty!!! The Friday sandwiches are an age-old tradition in this office, and I will miss it.

Besides my colleagues (and, dare I say, friends), there is very little else here to miss. I will not miss the druggies hanging out near the needle exchange next door. I will not miss the petty politics and gossip. I will not miss the ever-demanding customers. I will not miss the window-less office, or the ominous cracks in the wall next to my desk. I will certainly not miss doing three jobs all at the same time.

It is strange to think that in just three weeks time I will be free. I have no job lined up yet, and I will have finished my bartending course a couple of days beforehand. Previously, I have only left jobs to do something else - travel, or another job. This time, I'm leaving just because I've had a gut-full of this place. I feel oddly liberated. I like it.


Cazzie!!! said...

Good for you, something will surely come your way that is right at the time :)
Today, I had an asparagus, ham and pineapple toasty...on rye...with a little marg :) Yumm.

Angel Without Wings said...

I second that motion, GOOD ON YA Stace. I left my job nearly a year ago now because they were totally taking advantage of me and my stress levels were out of control. The day I walked out of there for the last time was fan-bloody-tastic and I have never regretted it for a moment.

I've left many a job without another to go to and something always turns up when its meant to. In the meantime......ENJOY!!!

Steve said...

Bloody Teeny Boppers are all the same!

Jewel said...

Years ago, when still single, I stayed in a factory job for 12 years because I needed the money and thought there was nothing better out there. Oh, but in retrospect, I should have freed myself from that place and chanced it. There was indeed a plethora of other options and opportunities! I am excited for you, Stace. I look forward to seeing what transpires in your future!