Thursday, April 05, 2007

I know it's been a few days since I blogged. But what would I say? Just more of the same. I am considering handing in my resignation - again. Actually I rarely stop considering it. There is no one thing causing this, but a myriad of things. Each thing would be bearable were it not for the other things. It's the long hours, it's the travel time each day, it's the low pay, it's the way I'm not permitted to do the job I was promoted into. I wonder sometimes what is keeping me here - force of habit, simplicity, my friends here... but I can't sacrifice happiness just because it's easy. Then I have to ask myself - would I be any happier in another job? If so, what kind of job? Maybe I'd be happier working part-time, but can I afford to?

I will consider.


Keshi said...

awww Stace whatever choice u make, I wish u all the very best! U deserve THE best.

TC and have a great long relaxing wknd mayyte ;-)


Aidan said...

HUgs, something will come up....

Cazzie!!! said...

I hope you find what you are looking for, you deserve to be happy, everyone does.
What about being a ward clerk or medical receptionist? There are always these 6 week courses run through the hospitals to learn medical jargon and a cert at the end with a job..can be casual/part time ya know, on a bank like situation :) You got a nice nature, and all the ward clerks have too :)

Jewel said...

Job dissatisfaction can just wear you down,hm, Stace? I had the perfect job, as a librarian, but was overlooked for a full-time position, which everyone thought was mine/should have been mine for I was next in line, BUT "for the first time" they (the board and director) decided to open up the full-time position to the public. Soooooo, they hired a girl young enough to be my daughter. She took to the job fantastically, BUT it was the principle of the whole thing. I SHOULD have at least been offered the position. After this happened, I just never had the same enthusiasm for my job. I had been there for 7+ years, working 25 hrs. a week and done many tasks that weren't even my responsibility but that is just how I am. Anywayyyyy....then some health issues came up and I eventually had to resign my position. (Thanks for listening...*smile*) But you are young and there are many options open to you. I know, I know...that is easy for me to say, but having been in this old world for 55 years, I can truly say that it is true. I stayed in a job for 15 years though many of those were miserable. It was in a manufacturing plant, was repetitious and all women, some of who were so cruel and catty. In retrospect, I should have ditched the place and gone back to school or sought other employment instead of torturing myself thinking there were no other options. There were! Sooo...don't limit yourself AND don't stay in a miserable job situation any longer than absolutely necessary! I'll be praying that new opportunities open up for you, Stace!! ((HUGS))

Homo Escapeons said...

Life is a garden DIG IT!
Find something that you enjoy and the money will follow. You're young, bright and adaptable, take advantage of that before you start to feel like an autotron.

Don't ignore the roads less travelled.

Stace said...

Keshi - thanks :) Have a great Easter!

Cazzie - I'm actually considering the Medical Receptionist thing... it's something I've thought of before, breifly. So we'll see :)

Jewel - Politics is always a pain in workplaces. And it always seems to be targeted at somebody, ie, yourself, even when upper management didn't intend it that way. Oh well, mostly things happen for the best!

HE - that's what my Old Boss said... I'm young enough to switch and change :)

Aidan - I'm not going to reply to you because I live with you and I can just talk to you!

Cazzie!!! said...

Way cool. Royal Melbourne do it, and I think St Vincent's too, but I bet you knew it anyhow..might seeya around the traps :)