Wednesday, May 16, 2007

According to Google, "Stace needs" the following things:
- to re-configure his [her???] luggage
- to learn someone's ass some respect
- a vacation already
- mental institution
- to contribute more
- a new boyfriend
- to start saving
to find something more constructive to do with her free time other than pissing of people she doesn't know
- a proper education

According to Google, "Stacy was arrested for" the following things:
- DWI [I don't even know what that means... Drunk Within Tent?]
- passing out in her car with her children present
- being a slut

I googled "Stace is bored" and it only came up with links to my own previous posts. Searches for my own names (maiden and married) fill in a little time... there's quite a few people out there who share my old name and my new one. Mostly men, thanks to my parents weird foresight in giving me the traditionally male spelling of my first name.

I'm bored.


Aidan said...

I dont think you need a new boyfriend... must be a typo:)

Menchie said...

Ha, ha! i caught that one too Aidan! Thought it was funny.

googling your own name seems like a pretty good way to reduce boredom...i think I'll give it a go.

lee said...

hahaha -that is so good. How does aidan feel about being married to such a woman,then? haha.

Cazzie!!! said...

Don't be bored, and you don't need a new fella, you already snagged a goodie :)

Keshi said...

new bf? lol!


Shelley said...

That's Driving While Intoxicated. (*cough*) not that I know anything about that, I'm just good with letters. Not all letters, just some letters, like DMG (dungeon masters guide) and such. ;)

Lletna said...

Every so often - when I am bored - I google my name to see if anything exciting is happening in my life - unfortately it appears that no one that has my name is exciting in this world...
I googled my brother name the other week and found $300 dollars that was owing to him... he liked me then!

Jewel said...

Well, those were quite interesting, but I'm with the crowd, Stace: ixnay on the new boyfrienday! You've already got a keeper!

Steve said...

when i googled Stace Loves.....
It came up with deep Purple.....
Go figure